Ironman Lake Placid

Swimming and Hydration

Today was a swim day. Monday and Friday are my swim workouts. According to the Ironman program I need to be swimming two hours a week. That shouldn’t be a problem, as the swim workout usually lasts an hour at the Y. I was feeling dehydrated this morning. If you feel dehyrdated while swimming you must be pretty dehydrated! Wondering what it feels like to be dehydrated while swimming? The first sign is that you slow down considerably. The other sign is that your mouth kind of feels like you have cotton in it while you swim. Anyway, I think I should probably bring a water bottle with me while swimming. I’m sure part of it was from riding the trainer for almost three hours the day before and not following it up with enough water.

Here is the workout from today:
500 warmup
400 pull
300 kick
5×100 15sec    1×200 easy
5×100 15sec    1×200 easy
5×100 15sec   1×200 easy
500 cooldown
3800 yards total

Since I had the day off today I also went out for a run in the afternoon, just 5 miles. Here is a link to the stats

Weight: 169

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