Ironman Lake Placid

Two days of sun in a row!!!

Set the alarm a little bit later this morning and did a medium effort ride on the CompuTrainer. Tried to keep my heart rate between 145-155 and my cadence above 90 for the entire ride. It was a good ride to loosen up the legs again after the long run on Wednesday. I may switch my days up a little and bike on Friday and swim and run easy on Thursday. It’s good to be on the bike, but my legs are too beat up to go all out after going all out on Tuesday and following it with a long run on Wednesday. Maybe my┬álong runs will get better and I will be able to push myself more on Thursday, will have to wait and see.

Looking forward to my first swim and run from the pond in the morning. It’s seems like this day was never going to come!

Weight: 162.4

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