Ironman Lake Placid

Last Really Long Ride

Today was the last of the 6 hour rides. Now the taper begins, not that next week will be a short ride, still 4 hours. It was good to get another century ride in today. This ride was a solo ride because I’m visiting my family in NY. That was probably a good thing because there is no drafting on race day and you are pretty much on your own for pacing and riding how you feel. I mapped out a out and back course that would take me out 18 miles for 36 mile round trips. That way I could stop at my car for additional fluids because you just can’t carry enough with you for that long of a ride.

The ride itself went pretty well I thought. Bad news was that one of the roads I wanted to use was closed and under construction, the good news was it was the one with the big hill :).  As you can imagine I was pretty upset about not being able to climb hills. The course still had 4400 feet of elevation, while no serious climbs it is more like ride uphill for 3 miles, then down for 3 miles. The great thing about riding on 28A is there is not much traffic so it was a nice quiet day and I actually got to see plenty of deer right by the side of the road. They are so close it actually makes you a little nervous because you don’t if they will bolt and accidentally just come right at you. Also saw the Eagle today that nests up there. Overall a good ride, Lake Placid will not be at that pace, but it was a good workout.

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