Textile free swim

Headed down to the pond this morning for what was probably my last open water swim of the season. Water temp was still 64, but Glacier George needs to get a new thermometer before I will believe that reading, and air temp was 47.

Since it was probably my last day and I knew the rest of the guys were not going to do a full crossing I didn’t bother bring the wetsuit. We did the October “L” as it is known by the pond Scummers. Out to Rohr’s dock over to the Haunted house, back to Rhor’s dock and in to the beach. I felt fine until we got out of the water, that’s when you realize just how cold you are because you shiver so much it’s hard getting your clothes back on. Just another crazy morning at the pond!!

I guess it’s possible we could be back, but there is rain in the forcast….

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