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The training update

After being sick the previous week, this past week has been much better.

At the Pool

Starting to do more kicking at the pool. Last Friday I managed to go over 4000 yards for the first time this year. In large part that was due to a lot of kicking at the end. Fred said we were going to do 5 x 100s. That is probably the most consecutive kicking I have ever done. It took everything I had just to keep from getting lapped. I’m going to have to ask for tips on some of the kicking drills rather than just using the kick board all the time. The dolphin kick looks pretty cool.

On the road

This past week Heidi finally showed up to run on Wednesday morning. It’s good when she shows up because she pushes me, at least early on in the run. She tends to start at a much faster pace than I normally would. I usually go out just a little over 8 minute miles and then bring it down. I think we did our first mile at 7:45 and went down from there. For the 7 miles I felt pretty good holding the 7:25 average.

On the trainer

Last week was the final week of the 4 week build. The Tuesday and Thursday rides were pretty tough. Sometimes I wonder if it is harder mentally or physically. The 6×6 minutes on Tuesday are definitely a physical challenge as I’m at 108% of FTP. The Thursday 2 x 20 minutes are just a mental grind.

The weight is still coming off, but more slowly. Partly because I’ve been eating a little more and we hit the Texas Roadhouse for my sons birthday. The “Peanut Place” is his favorite place. It’s one of mine too, but I know I’m going to gain a few pounds just from the salt content.

Weight: 160

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