Race Report – Ras na hEireann

Ok, so this race report is a little bit late, I know I haven’t really been keeping up with the blog. This race was on March 10, 2013 down in Somerville, MA. This is the first 5k I have run in 12 years. My coach had asked me to run a 5k to set a baseline for my Ironman training. One of the reasons I don’t do these races is because you usually hurt when doing, well if you are going as fast as you can you do!

I wasn’t sure how fast I was going to be able to go because my left hamstring was bothering me at the time. In the end it didn’t end up bothering, but it was a chilly morning. I did a short warm up before hand of about 5 minutes or so just before the race started. The course was a pretty fast and flat course.

The race started out and I checked my watch at about the 1/2 mile mark. I was under 6 minute pace and that was not good. I was close to 5:45 and I knew there was no way I was going to keep that going so I started to back off. When I got to around 6:25 I felt like I would be able to hold that for a while. The race seems to fly by when the race is this short and you are running that hard. Usually I like to pick it up at the end of the race, but this time I was just hanging on and trying to keep pace. I ended up finishing the race in 20:12 a PR of 3:24. It’s nice to know that all of the training that I had done for the marathon last fall and the training since then working with Breakthrough Performance Coaching (BPC) and Dave Sek was paying off.

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