Windows Live Writer

Trying out a new tool for adding posts to my blog. My friend Jeff told me about a product called Live Writer by Microsoft. I’ve used some of the other products in the Microsoft Live suite, like Live Mesh and Live Messenger. They have all been pretty useful, so I figured I would give this one a shot as well.

The layout of Live Writer is very much like working in a Word document. You have the ribbon along the top for most of your options. Clicking on the Picture icon quickly allowed me to add the photo below. 

Stiles Pond


I didn’t see how I could add a caption to the photo yet. I’ll have to look around for that. Clicking on the picture did give me lots of tools for working with the picture including changing the Title and the Alt-Text.  Previewing the post is quick and easy, just click on the Preview tab at the bottom and it shows you exactly what your post will look like. I’ll be trying this out for my next few posts and see how it goes!