Salem Wild Turkey 5 Miler

Instead of doing the Feaster Five again this year, I decided to join the group heading to Salem for the Wild Turky 5 miler. It’s been a while since I’ve run a 5 mile road race. It was a pretty chilly morning, temps were in the lower 30s. I had two goals for this race, one was make sure I beat Heidi, only because Julie kept telling me that she was going to beat me. The other goal was to try and run 7 minute miles. I knew my friend Ron was going to shoot for 7s and he is usually right on the money.

Heidi and myself started right next to Ron up near the front. Ron shot out in front of us and at what felt like a pace I had no chance of keeping up. I even turned to Heidi and said, “I can’t keep this pace up for 5 miles”. Ron did slow a bit after the first half mile or so and I managed to catch up to him just as we passed mile 1. At that point we had done a 6:50 and Heidi was just behind us. We continued to do the next two miles at 6:55 and 6:57. As we started to head back on mile 4 I was feeling good and picked up the pace a little bit 6:53 and 6:45 for the last one. My official time was 34:37 and my Garmin had the course a little long at 5.07 miles.

I didn’t have any issues with my IT Band, so I think I can say that it has healed up. Although I will keep up the Foam roller and stretching exercises just to be on the safe side. It’s been 8 years since I have gone under 7s in a 5 miler. Felt good and I if the weather is nice I hope to break 7s again at the Frosty Four on the same course.


IT Band healing

Well, I went out for a run yesterday and for the second time I have had no pain while running. I haven’t been running as much, just 5 miles a week, but I have been on the bike 4 times a week. I have also been doing a lot of stretching and using the Foam Roller.

Yesterday I did the same 5 mile loop that I had done the previous Wednesday and was about 1 minute faster overall. For the last 3 miles I was able to hold right around 7 minute mile pace. I think I will go another week and see how it is and then add another day of running.

Cycling Running Swimming Triathlon

Damn that Java Updater!!!!

Time for the weekly update. This morning was NOT a good morning. Well, it was an good morning for the workout, but I’m pissed because I lost all my data from the CompuTrainer workout. I was using the Coaching Software this morning, the software that was written in the 80s or maybe earlier! Anyway, I was 80 minutes into the workout and the Java updater popped up. Of course the Coaching Software can’t handle that and crashed. The entire ride was lost. You would think that they data would be saved out to the drive so in the event of a crash you could at least have the data that was recorded so far. Nope, not with CompuTrainer software.

Racermate, Inc, the company that developed the CompuTrainer and the software has been promising new software for over a year now. Last year at this time, it was “New Software coming Fall 2010”, well, here we are a year later. Still no software! They suck, to put it kindly.

As for the past week of workouts, I hit the pool for the first time this fall at the ANA Y. Had some really good workouts and could really feel the lack of swimming, or structured swimming anyway.

On Wednesday I did get on the treadmill before the swim for a few miles. It felt pretty good to be able to run 2 miles with absolutely no pain at all from the IT Band. I was kind of expecting to feel something after the first mile, but nothing and just kept on going up to 2 miles before heading to the pool. Hoping to go further this week.

On the cycling side I started up the CompuTrainer PIG program again. While I was hoping to use the new Racermate One software, I guess that isn’t going to happen. This year I do a 10 minute warm up and calibrate before I even start my workouts to make sure the power is accurate. The workouts have been good so far, and I felt like I was working pretty hard this morning before the crash. Wish I had the data to be able to compare to last week!!!!!!