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No Power

No, I’m not talking about the Powermeter on my bike or the CompuTrainer. This weekend the Northeast was hit by a Nor’easter. This storm took down a lot of trees and power along with them. The heavy wet snow combined with the trees still having leaves on them had the trees snapping and falling all over the place. That left me spending most of my Sunday getting the generator running and no riding on the trainer. We are now heading towards 48 hours without power.

I did manage to get in a few swims this past week at the pool and I felt pretty good on my run Wednesday morning. Hardly felt the IT Band at all. Still looking for the new CompuTrainer software but haven’t heard a word from the company.  Looks like another long winter of battling the old software. I did ride it a few times this past week before we lost power.

This coming week I will be heading back to the pool at the ANA Ymca. Actually, I was there this morning. Tough workout, and I need to get back in swimming shape. All of these short swims at the pond has not helped my swimming. Hopefully the power comes back on for the CompuTrainer, or I will be running the generator early to get my time in on it.

Cycling Running Swimming

58 degrees and going down…

Time for the weekly training update. I’ve managed to get out and run a couple of times this week. Not very far, just the 5K loop around the Danvers Y. The good news is the IT Band is not killing me so I can run pretty good. The bad news is that I can still feel it a little bit. I know that it is there and not quite ready to push the mileage yet.

This week was also the first week of the CompuTrainer. Yup, back at it and guess what!? Still no Racermate One software. Not a big surprise really, reading the forum you can tell they have absolutely no idea how to design/develop/distribute software. It’s a good thing they don’t have competition on the hardware side or they would be out of business all together. To start out this week I did a couple of the 3D videos. Soon though I will get setup with the performance improvement program that they have and start using the coaching software as well. It feels good to be riding more than once a week again.

Only made it to the pond once this week. This morning and it was 58 degrees, but I think it is colder. I can’t remember feeling that cold doing a full 1.25 mile crossing in a wetsuit. It’s almost time to head back to the ANA Y pool. I did hit the Danvers Y pool this week for a short swim after a run and some lifting.

Speaking of lifting, my legs are feeling stronger since I started lifting again. I’ve been focusing mainly on my legs to try and build some strength back up. Also thinking about doing some P90x, have never tried it but I hear a lot of good things, so I might give it a go.


Textile free swim

Headed down to the pond this morning for what was probably my last open water swim of the season. Water temp was still 64, but Glacier George needs to get a new thermometer before I will believe that reading, and air temp was 47.

Since it was probably my last day and I knew the rest of the guys were not going to do a full crossing I didn’t bother bring the wetsuit. We did the October “L” as it is known by the pond Scummers. Out to Rohr’s dock over to the Haunted house, back to Rhor’s dock and in to the beach. I felt fine until we got out of the water, that’s when you realize just how cold you are because you shiver so much it’s hard getting your clothes back on. Just another crazy morning at the pond!!

I guess it’s possible we could be back, but there is rain in the forcast….

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Great weather for mid October

Sunday turned out to be a beauty of a day. Started out a little chilly on the bike in the morning, but by 8:30 it was noticeably warmer. The group took our usually ride up to Newburyport and this time we came back 1A. I don’t think I have done that ride in over a year and it was a nice change of scenery. Leaf peeping isn’t quite at it’s peak here yet, but it was still a great day for a ride. I managed to get 50 miles in and felt pretty good considering I haven’t been on the bike since the Century ride a few weeks back.

Ride Data

This morning a group of us headed down to the pond for the official “Closing Day”, although we will probably keep going since the water isn’t that cold yet and the weather is holding up. Mike K. and I did a double, water temp was 64 degrees. We think that Glacier George’s thermometer is broken as it has been reading 64 degrees for a week now!! Hopefully we will be back again on Wednesday for at least a full crossing.



Another beauty of a morning at the pond

I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to show up this morning. We had over 3 inches of rain yesterday and the water temp was going to be colder. I packed a gym bag just in case so I could head to the Y. George finally showed up and it turned out to be a pretty good morning. I’m amazed that he did a full crossing without a wetsuit. Water temp was 66 degrees, but I have to say it felt colder.