Shoulder Update

It has been almost 6 weeks now since I suffered my Shoulder Separation so I thought I would post and update on my progress.

I’ve been doing my PT exercises almost daily and have been seeing progress in my strength and notice that there are fewer places in my shoulders movement when I feel any kind of soreness.

Last Saturday was my first time back in the pool since the day before I injured the Shoulder. I would describe the feeling in my shoulder while swimming as weak and stiff. At no point in the swim stroke did I feel any pain, so I was happy about that. I did 1000 yards for my first swim and felt that while I could have done more that was enough for the first time out and wanted to see how the shoulder would feel a few hours after the workout. There was a slight soreness, but no pain, so that was good.

Tuesday evening I went to PT and received a few new stretching techniques. For the next week we are planning to continue with the routine that I have now and then on next Thursday map out where I will take the exercises from there.

I think my questions at the next visit will focus on how I get back to lifting heavier weights. Exercises that include incline bench press, squats, etc. I know that I won’t be doing things like shrugs for sometime and I’m perfectly fine with that. I haven’t done those in years so it isn’t like I feel a huge need to do them.