An increase in FTP…

Most triathletes are always trying to increase their FTP. What is FTP? FTP is Functional Threshold Power, or the number of the maximum number of Watts that you can hold for 1 hour. Most people don’t really do a full hour long test. Instead it is some form of 20 or 30 minute Max effort and then a percentage of that is used to determine what you could “probably” hold for an hour long effort.

A couple of weeks ago I did the 20 minute test on Trainer Road. After I was done it changed my FTP from 250 to 260. At the time I was thinking great! Now, after having done a couple of workouts with segments sending you to 120% of FTP, not so excited. It’s back to suffering, I was able to complete them, but it was HARD. Hoping it will get easier over the next couple of weeks as my fitness increases.

It’s not too bad on the Tempo or Endurance rides where the change is hardly noticeable. 75% of 250 is 187 and 75% of 260 is 195 so not that big a deal. However when you are going over FTP, 120% of 250 is 300 and 120% of 260 is 312. Now it is a 12 Watt difference and when you are at your Threshold it really start to burn up the legs!!!

So, while an increase in FTP is usually a good thing, sometimes it just means more suffering…

Race Triathlon

Planning for 2015

I’ve started planning my 2015 season. So far the only race I have been able to sign up for is the Patriot Half. I like this race a lot, because it is a fast flat course. If the sun is out, the run get get a little hot, but other than that it is a great place to have a PR. Oh, and there is a lot of cool swag too!

The Patriot Half is going to be the A race of the season for me. No Ironman this year, but hopefully one in 2016. I’ve been looking at other races to fill out the season. I will probably do a half in April, The Great Bay Half, that I usually do with my friend Ray. I’m not sure if this will be a training run or an attempt at a PR.

Another race I would like to do is S.O.S. Survival of the Shawangunks in New Platz, NY. I forgot about the signup on Halloween night so I am in the lottery as of right now. This is an 8 stage triathlon, starting out on the bike and you transition to run to swim to run to swim to run to swim to run…. you get the idea.

If I’m not able to get into that race, then I will probably attempt Pumpkinman for the first time. It’s a race a lot of my friends have done and everyone seems to love it. Like Patriot it is a pretty flat course and it is likely you will have a cool day since it is in early September.

Then there is the Bermuda Around the Sound swim. This year the pond scummers went down and Tropical Storm Fay came along and cancelled the race on us. I know at least Mark wants to head back and I would like to go back and do the race. I’m not sure how many others will go though.

I should have a more solid outline at the end of the month when I find out if I’m in S.O.S.