Ironman Lake Placid Triathlon

IMLP 2013

This month marked the real start of my training for Ironman Lake Placid. December was kind of a base building slash see where we are at period.

This time around I have hired a coach, Dave Sek, from Breakthrough Performance Coaching. I felt like a learned a lot from Fernando Braz during my training for the Marathon last fall and I wanted to use that same type of structure for my Ironman training. I’m learning a lot about how to train to get the most out of each workout. The most important thing I have learned is that every workout does not have to be an all out effort and that workout out like that won’t get you the best results.

I’ve learned a lot so far about setting up pace zones and power zones to help make sure I’m doing each workout at the prescribed pace or power. I’ve even decided to build a Windows 8 Store App to calculate paces and power from recent race performances. There are already similar type Apps in the Apple world, but none so far in the Windows App store. Look for more on this in an upcoming post!

So back to training. I feel like I’ve been making good progress so far, but this weekend will be the proof as I do another test on the Computrainer. This test includes an all out 20 minute effort to set up my Threshold for biking that will be used to setup my next block of training. I have a goal in mind as to what power I want to hold for the test. Hopefully I will hit it. Tune in for my next post with the results!

I hope to post more often on the progress of my training.