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Back from Vacation

This is the first full week back from vacation. No blog entry for last week since we were away in Florida.

It was nice to be out running without having to use hand warmers. The first run was kind of tough because it was so much warmer than I was used to. The humidity was the big factor really. The 9 mile run on the first day wasn’t bad, managed to hold a 7:30 pace. The second run was better though and I managed to get it down to 7:15. There was a little more wind, but that doesn’t seem to be a big of a factor as the heat.

The swimming in the outdoor pool was great. The water temperature is perfect for swimming long. I hit the pool twice and basically did 500s. 500 swim, 500 pull, 500 kick and just repeated until I had about 3500 yards in each day. I wish I had tinted goggles for the swim though, the clear ones made it tough to see with the sun out.

I brought my Garmin for my bike so I would know where I was going and how far I was biking. The bike I used was a 1980s Peugot. I think I might have mentioned this last year. Nice bike, but I missed my biking shoes, you can really tell the difference when you bike with just plan old pedals. I also missed being able to shift from the handle bars instead of the down tube. Not mention there was no indexed shifting so you kind of have to hunt for the gear you are looking for. It was nice to get outside and ride though, much nicer than yesterdays 3 hours in the garage on the CompuTrainer!

The good news about vacation was that I didn’t gain any weight.

Weight: 158lbs

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