Ironman Lake Placid

Active Recovery Ride

Up early and on the CompuTrainer this morning. Today was an Active Recovery ride, meaning about 60% effort for an hour. Usually tuesday is an interval based training day, but the scheduled called for the recovery ride because the week five re-test is coming up. On Thursday I’ll be doing the same test that I did at the start of the program to see if I’ve improved at all and to use that score for the basis of the next four weeks training.

Average power over the course of the ride was 170 watts and my average heart rate was 119 with a max of 128. Since I knew that I wasn’t going to be exerting a lot of effort for the ride today I tried to focus on my Spinscan numbers. Spinscan is a way to measure the efficiency of your pedal stroke. They say that the average road cyclist is between 70 and 80, mine is usually 60 and today it was 65.

Weight: 171

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