Ironman Lake Placid

60 Days….

As I’m writing this the little count down clock in the corner of my computer screen tells me that there is 60 days and 20 hours to go before the start of Ironman Lake Placid. I feel like my training so far has gone pretty well for the time that I have. Looking at the training plan that our Tri group is working from it has us training up to 13 and 14 hours at this point and going to as much as 20. Unfortunately I just don’t have that kind of time so I will have to get by with the time that I do have. Last week we were supposed to hit 16 hours, I managed a solid 11 hours.

Looking at the individual sports and breaking down the time, I usually fall far short when it comes to the swimming portion of the training program, should be at 3 hours and I’m closer to 1.5 hours. I’m not really concerned about the swim though.

Next up is the bike, currently I’m riding 3 days a week, two days on the trainer and the long weekend ride. It would be nice to get 1 of those training rides outside, but the weather is just not cooperating and I’m not riding in the rain for the fun of it. Last weekend I managed 81 miles in 4.5 hours on the long ride and felt like I could keep going so that was good. This weekend depending on the time I may try to push it to 90 miles in 5 hours. My Tuesday morning CompuTrainer ride, yup the one I did this morning, I feel like is my most important ride. It is the ride where I really push and keep the tempo high for an hour long session followed by a cooldown. This ride makes the long weekend ride feel easier or at least I feel like my heart isn’t working as hard to maintain our endurance ride pace.

Running is probably my weakest point right now. I do manage to get in my long run on Wednesday mornings, doing 12 miles. I only run 5 or 7 miles on Monday or Friday with my swimming so at most I’m only getting in 26 miles a week. With the weather getting warmer I’m hoping to be able to get to the pond early and have enough time to run afterward that I can get in maybe 8 miles on monday and friday. Maybe the weather will cooperate and this friday will be the first!

I’ve been asked quite a few times what my goals are for the Ironman and I’ve avoided answering them specifically because I didn’t have an idea of what was realistic. As we get closer though I’m starting to get a good feeling for what I will be capable of and I believe it will be under 12 hours. After Patriot and the training weekend at Lake Placid I will definitely know if that is realistic, but at this point I think it is. We will see a month from now if I revise that number up or down 🙂

Weight: 163

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